Scallops: Nonstop Flight from New Bedford to NOLA

At GW Fins, it is no secret that FRESH is the cornerstone of our operations. To maintain the highest possible standard of freshness, we work directly with trusted companies from around the world to deliver us the freshest seafood every single day. Take, for example, the New Bedford Sea Scallops…

New Bedford Sea Scallops

New Bedford, Massachusetts is over 1,500 miles away from GW Fins Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, yet the scallops we serve on any given day are selected that very morning… Chef Mike Nelson explains the daily process –


“The company we order [the scallops] from – we work with them to get these scallops the same day we order them from Boston. So that makes the difference…we actually talk to the people early in the morning – they pick up the scallops, drive straight to the airport – they put them on an airline flight that goes direct from Boston to New Orleans. Once they’re in New Orleans, we have a courier service that takes them off the plane and brings them straight to us.”


Here…take a closer look…

New Bedford sea scallops close up


“If we order these by 7 AM, we have them here by 5 o’clock PM at the very latest that same evening…out of Massachusetts! Now, that is what makes them so fresh. No body else does that.”


At GW Fins, we literally go the extra mile to ensure that the food we serve is nothing short of the highest quality – in this case, over an extra 1,500 miles!

gw fins sea scallops


Wood Grilled New Bedford Sea Scallops with Mushroom Risotto & Wild Mushroom Butter