Food Philosophy

Dining at GW Fins is like taking a culinary expedition around the globe while dining on the finest quality seafood at every port. Chef Flynn locates the finest quality seafood from around the world and develops cooking techniques that simply enhance the already wonderful flavors.

GW Fins offers guests the absolute finest and freshest seafood available from all corners of the world. Whether it is Dover sole from Holland, turbot from Chile or salmon from Canada, diners have the opportunity to sample premium quality seafood from around the world including those species found in their own backyard. Thus, many of Louisiana’s unique seafood products indigenous to the area such as pompano, white shrimp, blue crab and blue fin tuna are also featured prominently on GW Fins’ menu when in season.

“My culinary philosophy is simple,” says Chef Tenney Flynn, executive chef and co-owner of GW Fins. “If you are working with seafood that already has wonderful flavor, the cooking techniques should enhance the flavors rather than overwhelm them. I draw on the experience I have obtained through working for several high quality restaurants to prepare seafood in a way that showcases its optimal flavor and textures.”

Adds Chef Flynn, “The most exciting aspect of running the kitchen at GW Fins is working with our purveyors to source the best quality seafood for our guests. Each morning I am on the phone finding out who has the freshest product available today from around the globe, as well as right here in Louisiana.”

These commitments to quality and to the guests are just some of the reasons GW Fins prints its menu daily.