Our Team


Marin Wollerman | Accountant / Restaurant Manager

Marin is the oldest daughter of GW Fins’ Co-Owners Gary and Patti Wollerman. She received her Hospitality Management degree from the University of Mississippi and began her career working with the eminent Los Angeles based restaurant company, Innovative Dining Group.

After acquiring this valuable experience, Marin returned to New Orleans and GW Fins. Since then, she has worked in numerous positions including food runner, hostess, service assistant, bartender and currently works as a Manager and oversees the restaurant’s financial operations.

Patti Wollerman | Co-Owner

Patti’s focus is to create a Raving Fan out of every guest who dines at GW Fins.

Along with her husband, Managing Partner Gary Wollerman, Patti has worked in the restaurant industry for more than 30 years. During her impressive career, Patti has spearheaded national corporate training programs for several restaurants.

Rhegan Wollerman | Digital Marketer / Group Sales Manager

Rhegan is the youngest daughter of Co-Owners Gary and Patti Wollerman. She has worked in various capacities at GW Fins and has fully immersed herself in the restaurant industry. Rhegan currently manages the company’s online marketing, overseeing the success of the digital world, and is in charge of the group sales.