GW Fins, Voice for Audubon’s G.U.L.F Program

Executive Chef, Tenney Flynn, Spearheads the G.U.L.F. Program’s Chef Council

Audubon Nature Institute, one of the country’s foremost advocates of Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium, and Nature Center exploration and education, launched the G.U.L.F. Program in 2012 in conjunction with the State of Louisiana Wildlife and Fishery. The mission of the G.U.L.F Program is to protect the ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico and advocate for the wellness and manageability of Gulf fisheries, encouraging sustainability and conservation throughout the region.

Since 70% of seafood is consumed outside of the home, local restaurants and chefs are at the frontline of sustainable seafood education. The G.U.L.F. Program recently launched their Chef Council and asked GW Fins’ Chef and Co-Owner, Tenney Flynn to spearhead the organization and become Chairman of this distinguished group, of 10 of New Orleans’ most acclaimed chefs.

“As chefs, we thrive on the ability to use fresh, diverse, and quality products, and the Gulf offers that up to us in spades,” said Flynn. “We’re fortunate to have such a great resource right in our backyard, and with that comes the responsibility to conserve this valuable resource that defines the culture and economy of our entire region. The G.U.L.F. program has taken on that responsibility and they are actively involved with our seafood industry to ensure the long term sustainability of our fisheries.”

Throughout the year, Chef Flynn participates in a variety of events hosted by the G.U.L.F Program to bring money and awareness to the program’s conservation efforts. This year, Tenney has been a guest chef at Scales & Ales and the Great Chefs for G.U.L.F. Dinner, both which were held at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. GW Fins proudly supports this program and encourages our community to do its part in sustaining the Gulf of Mexico.