How GW Fins Is Creating A Safe Dining Experience For Guests & Employees

It is with great excitement that we welcome you back into our Dining Room at GW Fins. We have missed serving you in our restaurant more than you know. As we embark on the journey back to normalcy, it is of the utmost importance to keep our employees and guests safe. Below is what we are asking of ourselves and guests to ensure that we create a safe environment for everyone.


  1. Our seating capacity has been reduced per the State Fire Marshall’s directive.
  2. Tables are spaced to allow for plenty of social distancing.
  3. All of our staff will wear masks.
  4. Our menus will be single-use only.
  5. Salt and Pepper will not be on the table but will be available by request.
  6. Your Server will likely be the only person serving you, except for the biscuit person. This will not reduce the level of service as we will all support your Server.
  7. There are hand sanitizing stations throughout the restaurant for everyone’s use.
  8. Our employees will constantly clean & sanitize doorknobs, handles, chair backs and all high-touch areas.
  9. All employees will have their temperature taken upon arrival and no employee with a fever or exhibiting any symptoms will be allowed on the premises.
  10. We respectfully ask our guests to keep social distancing and to wear a mask when they arrive, proceed to their table, or move around the restaurant. They are welcome to remove their masks when seated at their table.
  11. We also kindly ask that anyone with a fever or exhibiting any symptoms of illness refrain from dining at GW Fins.


We are very excited to serve you and welcome any constructive comments you have for us.

Please be safe and good to each other.

Gary Wollerman