New Orleans’ Eat Local Challenge at GW Fins

Join Us In Celebrating The Bounty Of Local Seafood At GW Fins!

(Photograph of Red Snapper with crawfish étouffée)

We love participating in the city-wide event, Eat Local Challenge each June, but for us at GW Fins, serving local products is an everyday occurrence – especially in June!

In fact, we get in more of a variety of wonderful Gulf fish in June than pretty much any other month of the year!  On any given night this month, we’ll feature 8-10 different Finfish and more than 15 varieties of locally fished seafood.  There is no better time to enjoy the freshest local seafood on the planet than right now at GW Fins!

A few of the dishes that we will be showcasing on our Eat local Challenge Menu is our Soft Shell Crab with Pecan brown butter, Red Snapper with Crawfish etouffee and local rice and locally spearfished Wood Grilled Cobia with crawfish fritters, Mirliton slaw and pepper jelly.  Every piece of produce and protein will be obtained within a 15-mile radius – and that’s freshness you’ll clearly taste in every bit!

Come on into GW Fins tonight and enjoy the flavors of Eating Local!

(Photograph of Wood Grilled Cobia with crawfish fritters)