Recipe: GW Fins Ponchatoula Strawberry Shortcake


11 oz                Self rising flour (White Lily)

1 oz                  Toasted pecans, finely chopped

2 oz                  Butter, cold

½  each           Grated zest from 1 orange

1 ¼  cups        Heavy cream

½  tsp              Orange Flower water


3 pints             Washed and sliced strawberries

½lb                  Sugar

1 oz                 Grand Marnier


1 pint               Cream

¼  cup             Mascarpone

1/4 cup             Sugar

½  tsp               Orange flower water



1) Cut the butter into pea size pieces and mix it in the flour.

2) Stir the grated zest into the cream, add the orange flower water and pour it all at once into the flour mixture. Stir to form a soft dough. Take care not to overmix.

3) Place on a floured surface and pat out to a rectangle 1.5” thick. Make a single tum shaping the dough with your hands and not a pin

4) After resting, roll the dough to a 12” square and give it a second turn. Roll the dough into a 7” X 18” rectangle about 3/4” thick. Cut out with a large round cutter.

5) Brush the tops of each round with eggwash and invert in sugar. Place sugar side up on a sheetpan lined with parchment and score the tops with a razor blade in a crosshatch pattern.

6) Bake at 400 for 8 minutes.

To Serve:

Cut 2 shortcake rounds per serving with a serrated knife. Place a round in a bowl and spoon alternate layers of strawberries, cream and juice, ending with cream. Serve with hot chicory cafe au lait.