About GW Fins

From the day GW Fins opened its doors in 2001, our Chefs have been recognized for their discerning standards … only selecting the absolute most pristine fish from all corners of the globe to serve to our guests.

Locally owned by Gary Wollerman and Chef Tenney Flynn, their impeccable attention to detail has earned them a reputation as being two of the most meticulous restaurant owners in this culinary capital.

Chef Tenney Flynn has become known as one of the country’s foremost seafood authorities, being referred to as “the fishmonger czar of the South” by The Wall Street Journal, and is a nationally-recognized expert on Gulf Seafood.

GW Fins’ menu philosophy is simple … Nature writes our Menu.  Chef/Owner Tenney Flynn and Executive Chef Michael Nelson locate the highest quality fish from all parts of the world to augment the bounty of wonderful seafood they locally source from the Gulf of Mexico.  Using seasonal ingredients and subtle culinary techniques, the wonderful flavors and textures of each variety of fish are showcased in elegant simplicity.

Working on a daily basis with dozens of trusted purveyors from local and international regions enables our chefs the ability to ensure that every variety of seafood is served at its seasonal peak. Once the chefs receive flawless whole fish their keen butchering skills are employed.  Masters of their craft, the chefs work on a specially created refrigerated table, enabling the fish to consistently maintain a cold temperature, insuring optimal freshness.

Based on the variety of fish they receive each day, the chefs create the perfect presentation to bring out the natural flavors and textures of each type of fish.  This continually evolving variety of seafood is why GW Fins prints our menu every afternoon!

The wine list at GW Fins, which has been awarded the prestigious Wine Spectator Award of Excellence every year since 2002, features more than 100 boutique and large production wines from California, France, Italy, Spain and Argentina, 50 of which are available by the glass.  Our knowledgeable staff is happy to recommend the perfect wine to complement your dining selections.

The energy in GW Fins’ dining room is constantly palpable.  The contemporary space is at once relaxed and exhilarating, creating a magnificent dining experience.