Our menu changes daily. Since we do not receive today’s catch until 4:00 pm, this menu is one of our most recent menus. If you have specific questions, please call the restaurant at 504-581-3467.


Lobster Dumplings
White fish mousseline, tomatoes, lobster butter – 11

Barbeque Shrimp
Deglazed with Abita Amber, goat cheese grits, Liedenheimer crouton – 14

Fried Snapper Breast
Crispy noodle salad, Korean glaze – 13

Crispy Pork Belly
Compressed watermelon, pickled ginger slaw – 12

Seafood Gumbo
Dark roux, crab, shrimp, oyster, long grain rice – 11

Panko Crusted Calamari
Pickled vegetables, gochujang aioli – 12

Oyster & Sunchoke Soup
Crispy oysters, fresh dill – 11

Fish and Chips
Beer battered, salt and vinegar chips, Meyer lemon tartare – 14


Onaga Snapper Ceviche
Aji chili, mango sorbet, sweet potato chips – 14

#1 Yellowfin Tuna Tartare
Mango, avocado, wasabi, pine nuts – 12

Firecracker Tuna Tacos
Ginger slaw, wasabi Tobiko, avocado aioli – 12

Blackfin Tuna Poke
Cucumber radish salad, crispy taro, Ponzu – 13

Almaco Jack Crudo
Hibiscus, coriander, pink peppercorn, lemon – 12