GW Fins’ Dry Aged Fish Is Making National Headlines

Our Dry Aged Fish Is National News

From the moment our Executive Chef Michael Nelson first developed his Dry Aging technique for fish, we knew this was going to be a game changer in how our guests could enjoy the finest seafood dishes.

During the past couple of years, guests at GW Fins have been raving about the depth of flavor and melt-in-your mouth texture our dry aged dishes have … and now the culinary world is taking notice!

Just last week, our innovations in dry aged fish were the focus of a feature article in The Washington Post’s Food Section.  Not only did writer Ann Maloney highlight our revolutionary dry aged fish, but she also covered Chef Michael’s ground-breaking innovations in seafood utilization to create inventively delicious dishes like Sliders, Pasta Bolognese, Muffalettas and more – all using Swordfish instead of meat.  

We could not be prouder to have Michael Nelson as our Executive Chef, leading our kitchen and our restaurant in these remarkably creative advancements in the fine dining seafood landscape.

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