GW Fins Is Donating Money From Lionfish Sales To Ocean Conservancy

GW Fins has Lionfish on the menu this weekend, and we’re doing something special with them. We’re taking $5.00 from each Lionfish appetizer sold and donating it directly to Ocean Conservancy, an organization whose mission is to create science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.
Lionfish are an extremely invasive species that are wreaking havoc on native coral reef ecosystems and native fish species in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean. Conservation programs and fishermen are working hard to prevent further spread and control existing populations. These fish are great for eating, which is why we include them on our menu as often as we can – helping the environment while serving delicious food.
Enjoy a Whole Fried Lionfish with spicy green apple slaw and Vietnamese glaze this weekend and help support the well-being of our precious waters.