How GW Fins Will Work To Accommodate Your Dietary Needs

GW Fins’ mission every night is to create a Raving Fan Experience for every guest. That is not possible without honoring each guests’ individual dietary needs and restrictions. Our chefs are more than happy to try and accommodate all allergies, intolerances, and preferences.

The first step in allowing us to create the perfect meal for you is finding out what you like, do not like, can have, and cannot have. We ask that you let your server know about any and all dietary needs as soon as you are seated at your table.

GW Fins is well-equipped to handle gluten-free needs. Much of our menu is gluten-free or can be slightly modified to remove any wheat products. We also have a deep fryer that is dedicated to only gluten-free items.

Though we are a seafood-centric restaurant, we are happy to accommodate vegetarians and vegans. We have a variety of farm-fresh vegetables on hand every day that we will use to create a personalized dish based on what you like.

Our servers are well versed in dealing with allergies, and the kitchen follows a strict protocol to ensure there is no cross-contamination.